The inspiration for Soul Shift came from seeing the results on my own healing journey.  Like many, I've struggled with mild anxiety and low self-esteem most of my life.  I never questioned who or what I was and never believed that I could change.  In 2016 I hit a point in my life where I felt like I had everything I’d ever dreamed of, however deep inside I knew something was missing.  That was the moment I decided to follow my heart and begin the journey of self discovery and personal and spiritual growth.

I was guided to work with a Life Coach and Mentor and the journey has been life changing.  She has helped me to recognise and work through self limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours that I didn’t realise were holding me back.  It’s at times been uncomfortable, pushing me out of my comfort zone but that's where the change happens, and the results have been amazing.  Life is a full of challenges that we can learn from and grow, and with a bit of courage and support we can achieve anything.  I now lead a more fulfilled and joyful life, knowing that I’m more aligned with my purpose and following my heart.

I am passionate about helping others to reach their full potential and to lead a more purposeful life and would also love to inspire and empower others to make a difference in the world.  

It would be a privilege to assist you in making the shift to a new way of being.  Contact me to schedule in your free introductory session today.





Feb 2019 – Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching & Interpersonal Facilitation
Global Coaching Academy, Perth Australia

2015 – Reiki I
2016 – Reiki II
Intuitive Reiki International, Perth Australia

Senior 1st Aid Certificate
Mental Health 1st Aid Certificate