“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”

— Oprah Winfrey



Mentoring is similar to coaching, however the mentor can share wisdom and life experience with the client.  Having a mentor can help you to see the potential you perhaps can’t see yourself.   

Mentoring has had a profound impact on me and seeing the growth and positive changes in my own life, I now have a strong desire to share my insights and life lessons with others.

I continue to work on my own personal and spiritual growth and the journey to self-mastery and psychological clarity.  It’s helped me to be more in control of my thoughts and feelings, understand myself on a deeper level and helps me deal with the challenges of everyday life.

If you would like me to walk along side you in your journey of personal or spiritual growth, or to find out more, please call or email me.

Sessions are available in person, by phone or video call.

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